Secworks' services

Secworks' related professionals have developed their skills and experience while actually being inside of the organization, and have the real-life experience of applying Identity Driven Governance to all layers of the organization, in all phases of its lifecycle:


Having proper governance in place for Identity Management, and applying the associated programs may seem like a steep mountain to climb. SecWorks have hands-on experience in positioning and rolling out Identity Governance in an organization, give management direction and applying it to all levels of the organization. With this background, SecWorks provides consulting services to move existing Identity Management initiatives forward, but can also provide you with a new, pragmatic roadmap to achieving Identity Driven Governance.


Achieving Identity Driven Governance requires a solid understanding of the gaps between Regulatory requirements and/or corporate Risk Appetite definitions, and the current state of affairs. SecWorks provide the following services, supported by pragmatic, easy-to-apply analysis tooling, as a result, the existing state of affairs can be determined very quickly:

1. Establish Risk Appetite/ Compliance requirements;

2. Assess the existing level of Information Security and gaps;

3. Define the IDG roadmap.

Identity governance IMPLEMENTATIONS & Automation

Having hands-on experience of fully automating end-to-end Identity Governance, with integrated privileged account management, SecWorks provide technical and business implementation services to all levels of your organization.

SecWorks have established a partnership with Hitachi ID Systems in Europe.


Identity Driven Governance is a very powerful way to protecting information, but requires ongoing attention. SecWorks offers Identity as a Service, which includes product maintenance, Identity maintenance and support tasks, perform reporting, recertification, and audit support, usage monitoring and intervention. By outsourcing your Identity related operations to SecWorks, the mature level of Identity Driven Governance is sustained.